Retired Athletes Transformation Programme

The “Retired Athletes Transformation Programme”, organised by Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau (CSTB) and administrated by HKACED, aims to facilitate retired athletes’ career development by providing them a platform to earn work experience, supplemented with on-job training and education subsidies for their academic enhancement. The programme encourages and subsidises schools and sports organisations to employ retired athletes to promote sports and nurture sports talents. 

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Balloting Result (2024-2027)

Sport Organisations


Mr. WONG Wai Chun
Mr. WONG Wai Chun
Retired Rowing Athlete


SF&OC Sports Legacy Company Limited

NG Yu Wai
NG Yu Wai
Retired Boxing Athlete

School Sports Promotion Coordinator

The Methodist Lee Wai Lee College


1. School Sports Promotion Coordinator (SSPC Handbook)



2. Sports Organizations (SO Handbook)


Eligibility Criteria for Athletes
  • Must be retired athletes;
  • Have retired for no more than six years by the time of making first application under the Programme*;
  • Have attained secondary education;
  • Have received at least two years of training for senior athletes* or full-time professional athlete^; and
  • Have represented Hong Kong at least once in an international competition (including the National Games or the National Championships)*

*A confirmation signed by the relevant national sports association (NSA) is required.
^Having signed professional athlete contract with recognised sports organisations under respective NSAs. 


How to Apply:

Applications are open all year round. Applicants should submit the application by person with the completed application form and the true copies of required documents to the HKACED Office at Room 1004, 1/F Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Department
Tel: 2504 8113
Fax: 2890 9599