Education consultancy, Education Talk, Scholarship Programmes and General English Courses are organised to enhance the academic qualifications of athletes. These opportunities of education advancement increases the competitiveness of an athlete entering the workforce.

Education Consultation

The HKACEP provides education consultancy for athletes relating to their interests and career development.

HKACEP Scholarship Programme

HKACEP provides Education Scholarship Programmes for retiring and retired athletes, in various areas of Language Enrichment, University and Post-Secondary Education, Vocational Skills Training and Academic Enhancement.

HKACEP Scholarship Programme
HKACEP New Education Scholarship Enhancement Programme

HKACEP Education Scholarship plays an important role in provision of support to retiring or retired athletes for pursuing better academic qualifications. In order to effectively utilise the resources and to encourage more devoted athletes to join the programme, HKACEP relaxed the sports achievements of application requirements and included the postgraduate or master course into the scholarship programme.  The new application requirements are listed as follows:

Application Requirements

  • Retiring and retired athletes up to 6 years after their athletic retirement; and
  • Athletes nominated by their respective NSAs*; and
  • Full-time athletes**/ Part-time*** (only applicable for sports of East Asian Games#) as members of Hong Kong Team who have served for at least 4 years or more; and
  • Athletes as members of Hong Kong Team, who have achieved the following results: (i) Top 8 places at Olympic Games (Summer or Winter), World Championship, World Cup (Finals) and Asian Games (Summer or Winter) or (ii) Medalist at Asian Championships, East Asian Games (1993-2013), National Games, World University Games/ Championships, Asian Cup (Finals) and World Cup Series.


(For athletes who do not meet the above requirements, HKACEP Committee may take into consideration on case by case basis.)


Athletes who meet the above requirements are eligible to apply for the following 6 scholarship programmes:

Scholarship Programme  Ceiling amount of subvention
 1. Scholarship Programme for Vocational Skills Training (C-03)

Short-term programme (less than 1 year) : HK$20,000 

Long term programmes (1 to 2 years) : HK$120,000

 2. Scholarship Programme for Post-Secondary Education (E-03)
 3. Language Enrichment Course (E-04)  HK$12,000
 4. Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate,
Postgraduate and Master Course (E-05/05M)
Undergraduate programme (max. 5 years for full-time or part-time programme): HK$240,000
Postgraduate or Master programme (max. 4 years for full-time or part-time programme): HK$150,000
Athletes can only enjoy the benefit of this scholarship programme for either their first undergraduate / postgraduate / master programme.
 5. Academic Enhancement Scheme for Post-Secondary (EPS-06)  HK$24,000
 6. Academic Enhancement Scheme for Undergraduate (EU-06)


For more information, please contact us at 2504 8188.

* NSAs shall be interpreted as the Member National Sports Associations of SF&OC HK, China.

** Definition of full-time athletes: athletes engaged in a minimum of 25 hours training per week. Justification of the respective athletes’ status and definition of full-time would be subject to the confirmation of respective NSAs

*** Definition of part-time athletes: athletes engaged in a minimum of 15 hours training per week. Justification of the respective athletes’ status and definition of part-time would be subject to the confirmation of respective NSAs

# Sports of East Asian Games (1993 to 2003), includes: Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Billiard, Boxing, Cycling, Dance Sports, Dragon Boat, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Rowing, Rugby, Shooting, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Tenpin Bowling, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Windsurfing, Wrestling and Wushu.



  1.  Junior Category sports achievement would not be considered.
  2.  Athletes can only enjoy the benefit of each scholarship programme once.
Integrated General English Course

EF English Centers One Year Integrated General English Course
With an aim to enhance the English level of Hong Kong athletes’; EF English Centers has sponsored over 10 million dollar worth of Integrated General English Courses to over 200 athletes through the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China since 2007.

Integrated General English Course Integrated General English Course
Ontario eSchool Athlete Scholarship Program
Education consultancy, Education Talk, Scholarship Programmes HKACEP joins hands with Ontario eSchool (OeS) to launch the Ontario eSchool Athlete Scholarship Program, which will provide a one-year free Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) online program to Hong Kong athletes. This program will provide a multi-pathway for athletes by helping them balance their academic work and sports and thus their long-term career development. Upon completion of OSSD program, students will be awarded OeS credits and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which is recognized by Universities in Hong Kong, as well as all North American Universities, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. OeS credits can also be transferred to any high schools in Canada or the USA. With OSSD, athletes can pursue their studies in Hong Kong, North American and Worldwide Universities.
For more information, please visit the Scholarship Program Website:


Ontario eSchool Athlete Scholarship Program