Stars to Shine
Mentorship Programme

“Stars to Shine” Mentorship Programme aims at providing newly retired HK athletes (mentees) with an additional avenue of learning through experience sharing and interaction with seasoned retired famous HK athletes who have successfully developed their second career and gained a wealth of working experience (mentors).

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Mentors Portfolio
Sports Administration
Retired Hong Kong cycling athlete and Winner of 2007 Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Award, Gold medalist of the road racing in 1998, 2006, 2010 Asian Games as well as the first Hong Kong cyclist winning “Rainbow Jersey” and the 15 km-scratch World Champion title in 2007 UCI Track World Championships, Mr. WONG Kam Po now works as a Programme Development Executive of Sports Legacy Scheme under Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, who devotes himself in supporting retired athletes for the transition in pursuing a second career and promoting sports in schools.
Ms. Amy CHAN, JP
Education & Charity
Renowned Hong Kong Badminton Athlete, 1990 Commonwealth Games Badminton Mixed-Double Gold Medalist, Winner of 1995 Hong Kong Outstanding Youth. Currently, Ms. CHAN is the Chairperson of Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association and the Executive Manager, Racing Development Board / Headmistress, Apprentice Jockey’s School of The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Ms. CHAN has been a public icon for charity, a great supporter for retired athletes and actively devoted in sports promotion.
Ms. Malina NGAI, JP
Retail Operation & Management
Ms. NGAI, a renowned Hong Kong Athletics and Rowing Athlete, Winner of 2000 Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Award and the Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson Retail (HK) Limited. Ms. NGAI has been a keen supporter of charity affairs, taking up committee role in a number of government commission boards, she is also the advisor of the Hong Kong Sports Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability and Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth, Vice President of Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association and a trustee of the Elite Athlete Charitable Trust.
Dr. LEE Yat Keung, Adam
Financial Services
The first Hong Kong Baseball National Team Captain and represented Hong Kong as Honourary Head of Delegation and Team Manager of Hong Kong Women’s and Men’s Baseball Teams. Dr. Adam LEE currently is the Managing Director of Kingsway Financial Services of Sunwah Group. Dr. LEE is keen in supporting charities, social service and youth development. He contributed a lot of “The Better Tomorrow” sharing “Talk” to our youngsters.
Property Development Executive
Retired Hong Kong Wushu Athlete and Hong Kong Team Captain, 3 times World Champion in 1999, 2003 & 2005 in Nanquan and Nangun categories and Winner of 2009 Hong Kong Outstanding Youth. Currently, Mr. CHENG is the Senior Business Development Manager of Hopewell Project Development Limited. Mr. CHENG has been devoting in sports development and youth affairs of Hong Kong, taking up a number of key committee roles that he hopes to increase the sports and youth affairs awareness in the society.
Mr. CHUI Kam Tong, Tony
TV Sports Commentator
Retired Triathlon athlete and enthusiast of soccer and track & field, Mr. Tony CHUI has been working as soccer commentator and programme host for major games such as the Asian Games and the Winter Olympic Games since retiring from his full time athletic career. Recently, Mr. CHUI has taken up new challenges and extended his talent into acting.
Ms. Vivian LEE
Public Relations & Events Promotion
Ms. LEE is an Asian Games Silver Medalist in Swimming. Currently, Ms. LEE is the Founder and Managing Director of ActionHouse International Limited and she has managed many international and major local events and press function. Ms. LEE also has a keen interest and passion in Sports and Marketing and she is member of a number of commission boards.
Mr. YU Sum Yee, Samuel
Disciplinary Force
Retired Artistic Cycling athlete and 2009 East Asian Games Artistic Cycling Men’s Double and Men’s Single Gold Medalist, Mr. Samuel YU, has been keen in promoting sports. He was one of the programme hosts of the weekly “Police Magazine”. Currently, the Senior Police Inspector is the Operation Commander of District Anti-triad Team (Kwai Tsing).
Mentorship Programme (Batch 1)

The first phase of the programme was started in May 2018. Eight famous retired athletes from different industries have agreed to join the programme as Mentors. HKACEP matched the Mentors and Mentees according to their interest and industry and experience association. Through experience sharing and provision guidance by Mentors as well as site visit activities and sharing forum organised by HKACEP, mentees would benefit from the programme in developing their second career.

batch 1 - 1
Mentorship Programme (Batch 2)

The 2nd Batch mentorship mentees recruitment will start in June 2020. Members interested please stay tuned! Application method will be announced in the website.