• Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School


    Sports Ambassador: Wong Ka Yan (Sports Climbing)

    Wong Ka Yan, serving Sports Climbing athlete, was invited by Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School to be the Officiating Guest of Annual Sports Day on 27 Apr 2018. Ka Yan shared her stories about how persistence makes her dreams come true. She encouraged the students to chase their dream with "never give up" spirit and always work hard because "chance favours those who are prepared".

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  • Cognitio College


    Sports Ambassador: NG Chit Wing, Ray (Athletics)

    Sports ambassador, Ray Ng, and retired cyclist, Wong Kam Po, officiated the Joint School Sports Day of Cognitio College on 13 December 2017.  Their speeches and sports demonstrations have inspired more than 1400 secondary students at the ceremony. 


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  • Society of Boys’ Centres Chak Yan Centre School (Primary Section)


    Sports Ambassador: Man Ngo Hin, Mango (Windsurfing) 


    Mango, retired windsurfing athlete, was invited by Society of Boys’ Centres Chak Yan Centre School (Primary Section) to share his story about dream to 100 primary students on 4 December 2017. 


    Mango not only dared to dream for himself, but also dared to help others achieve their dreams. Mango shared his and his students’ successful stories, and encouraged the primary students to work hard and never give up! 

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  • Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School and Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School


    Sports Ambassadors: Ms. Lau Hei Ting, Vera (Athletic & Baseball), Mr. Ho Yu Hin, Nathan(Rowing)


    Nathan visited Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School to promote positive attitude to primary students on 9 November. He shared his attitude towards difficulties and adversities, and also encouraged students to dream big and not to give up!


    Vera was invited by Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School to share her experience of being a university athlete with students in English on 10 November. She encouraged students to dare to make changes and to explore more possibilities of life.

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  • Chan Sui Ki(La Salle) Primary School


    Sports Ambassador: Ng Chit Wing, Ray (Athletics)


    Ray Ng, record holder of Decathlon in Hong Kong, was invited by Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School to be the Officiating Guest of Annual Sports Day on 4 Nov 2017. Ray delivered a speech at the ceremony and he encouraged students to strive for better achievements in both sports and study by having good time management skills and “never give up” mind-set. 

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  • King George V School


    Sports Ambassador: YIP Sze Wan, Natural (Cricket)


    Natural YIP, Serving Cricket Athlete, was invited by King George V School to deliver sharing in English to their sports team players on 26th October.  


    Natural started playing cricket when she was 24 years old.  Being one of the few Chinese players in Hong Kong, she does not only excel in the Hong Kong Women Squad as a player, but also excel in her own business development and in promoting Cricket to Chinese cummunity. She shared her experience and keys to success with the students, which are clear goal setting, concentration and good time management.

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  • YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College


    Sports Ambassadors: Hsieh Kaylin Sin Yan (Fencing), Ma Man Sum (Karate)


    Our Sports Ambassadors, Kaylin and Man Sum, were invited by YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College to deliver three sessions of sharing in English to their F.4 and F.5 students on 4th and 18th October. 


    Having the experience in attempting to keep both sports and study, Kaylin and Man Sum have decided to become a full-time athlete without giving up their study.  By sharing their successful story of how to turn a hobby into career, they showed the importance of good self-discipline, attitude and faith, and inspired students to set goals and plan ahead for their future.

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  • Pui Kiu College


    Sports Ambassador: Or Kwan Ho, Kevin (Shuttlecock) 

    You have to study hard if you want to pursue your sports dreams. 

    October is a busy month. Students are not only busy with their lessons and assignments, but are also working hard on their sports training and competitions for the new academic year. Kevin, serving shuttlecock athlete, was invited by Pui Kiu College to share his successful experience as a student athlete on 18 Oct 2017. By setting goals and having good time management skill, he has pursued his best in both sports and academic achievements. His successful story inspired students to plan for a well-balanced sports and study life.


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  • CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School


    Please refer to chinese version.

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  • SKH Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School



    Sports Ambassador: CHUNG Koon Ting (Athletics)


    CHUNG Koon Ting was invited by SKH Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School to be the officiating guest of its Sports Day. He shared his experience on stress management with over 600 primary school students and their parents during the Prize Presentation Ceremony. 

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  • CLAP for Youth @ JC



    Sports Ambassadors: OR Kwan Ho, Kevin (Shuttlecock), WONG Ka Yan, Angel (Sport Climbing)


    Kevin OR and Angel WONG shared their career planning experiences and introduced the sports-related industries to 130 students from CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School. Meanwhile, students had an opportunity to understand the working environment of sports administrative staffs by visiting the Olympic House.


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  • Youth College (Yeo Chei Man)


    Sports Ambassador: LI Pui Ki, Care (Karatedo)



    Care LI shared her journey to become an elite Karatedo athlete and the experience of career transition to around 50 students from the programme of Diploma of Vocational Education (Fitness and Sports Studies) in Youth College (Yeo Chei Man). Her sharing inspired the students to enhance their self-understanding and to prepare their career planning.

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  • Maxim’s Group


    Sports Ambassador: NGAN Kwoon Yat, Kevin (Fencing)

    Theme: Change – from Athlete to Businessman


    Kevin shared his persevering athlete life experiences and the process of his career transition from an athlete to a businessman with over 50 staffs from Maxim’s Group. Kevin had the attitude with great efforts and pursuit of excellence in the battlefield, these characteristics bring Kevin motivation on his entrepreneurial road.

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  • Y.E.S. Youth Employment Start (Labour Department)


    Sports Ambassadors: FONG Yee Pui, Erica (Athletics) and FUNG Kong Ching, Gary (Water polo)

    Theme: ‘From Sports Ground to Workplace



    Erica and Gary delivered a career planning talk, topic on 'From Sports Ground to Workplace', to over a hundred secondary school students. The audiences learnt the spirit of 'Insistence', 'Never give up' and the courage to step out of the comfort zone for achieving the goal.


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  • Lingnan University


    Sports Ambassador: Perry WONG (Triathlon)

    Theme: Athlete Career Planning


    Perry delivered an inspiration talk of his Dual Career development between ‘Sports’ and ‘Study’ to the students of Lingnan University. He shared his journey of fighting for the Asian Games and explained the challenges he forced when having career transition after his athletic retirement. Perry demonstrated the ‘Keep Tri-ing’ triathlon spirit in his academic study and was ready to start his second career. 

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  • Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School


    Sports Ambassador: YAN Chi Kan, Ronald (Football)

    Theme: Officiating Guest of School Sports Day


    Ronald, alumnus of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School, attended the sports day event of his alma mater. He shared his passion for football and told his inspiring story of being a professional footballer and later to be a football coach. He also demonstrated his football technique to the students and was interviewed by the student reporters.

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  • Christian Alliance H.C. Chan Primary School


    Sports Ambassador: YEUNG Chui Ling (Fencing)

    Theme: Officiating Guest of School Sports Day


    Chui Ling attended the annual sports day event at the Christian Alliance H.C. Chan Primary School. She encouraged students to enjoy the team work and respect demonstrated during the competition. 

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  • MTR


    Sports Ambassadors: LIN Po Heung (Fencing) and CHOI Ki Ho, Kyle (Cycling)

    Theme: Achieving Your Full Potential in Challenging Environment


    Po Heung and Kyle inspired the MTR staff in Corporate Affair Division by sharing their experience on achieving their full potential in the challenging environment when fighting for the Olympic Games. They also interacted with the audience on enhancing their working performance by applying the “Mental Rehearsal” technique. 


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  • Sports Legacy Scheme – Summer Training Camp


    Sports Ambassador: CHOW Ho Wing (Diving)

    Theme: Athlete Career Planning


    Sports Ambassador CHOW Ho Wing delivered an inspiration talk of his athlete life experiences of his planning and executing of “Studies, Discipline and Dreams” to 60 participants at the Olympism Youth Camp held at the Hong Kong Sea School. 

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  • Jebsen & Co. Limited


    Sports Ambassador: FONG Yee Pui, Erica (Athletics)

    Theme: Lifelong Learning


    Erica FONG had planned to continue her elite training after the 2012 London Olympics, but unfortunately  had suffered from an injury which had prevented her from continuing her dream of participation at the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, not only did she not give up on the tracks, she had learnt to enjoy her life with experiences from the tracks.

    She believes that sharing her experiences with Jebsen & Co. Limited not only had given her the opportunity to encourage staff at Jebsen to strive higher but also to have encouraged herself to strive as well.

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  • Youth Square


    Sports Ambassador: YAN Chi Kan, Ronald (Football)

    Theme: Youth Square Career Talk


    Ronald inspires students and college graduates of what dream is; what career is; and how he had overcome the crossroad of decisions between his dream and his career choices. He had shared his passion for football and how he had developed the idea of being a professional footballer to a coach as his career choice a year ago.

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  • Chinese Foundation Secondary School


    Sports Ambassador: CHIU Hoi Yan, Cori (Muar Thai)

    Theme: Officiating Guest of School Sports Day


    Cori attended the annual sports day event at the Chinese Foundation Secondary School. She had shared how to be humble as a champion and be a fighter as a runner-up. 

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  • CLAP for Youth @ JC


    Sports Ambassadors: YIP Sze Wan, Natural (Cricket), LI Ka Yiu (basketball)

    Theme: Athlete Sharing on Career Planning with Students from CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School


    Natural YIP and LI Ka Yiu shared their athlete life experiences at the CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School. Students had the opportunity to learnt from them how to set a life goal, be persistent at it and to continue to add value to their lives in order to enhance competitiveness in the future.

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  • Hong Kong Housing Authority


    Sports Ambassador: LO Ka Kay (Shooting)

    Theme: Coaching for success


    LO Ka Kay showcased how Coaching skills could be a transferred tool to organisational management. She shared with staff at the Hong Kong Housing Authority the idea of Coaching for Success and Positive Coaching and interacted with the audience on enhancing their Emotional Quotient (EQ) via sports science resources.

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  • Hospital Authority


    Sports ambassador: WONG Chun Yue (Football)

    Theme: Embracing Changes with Positive Mindsets


    WONG Chun Yue related to over a hundred newly appointed managers at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority with his own journey of being appointed from an athlete to an assistant coach. Holding the idea of “Dare to Dream” and “Dare to pursue your Dream” to commence a career of passion.

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  • MTR


    Sports Ambassadors: WONG Hiu Ying, Angel (Gymnatics), KWOK Ho Ting, Marco (Cycling)

    Theme: Being Proactive and Having Enterprising Spirit in Overcoming Challenges


    Angel and Marco shared their athlete life experiences with over 200 staff from the Financial Department of the MTR Corporation Limited. They shared their challenges of having injured which led to early retirements of their athlete’s life, they shared with the audience how they became proactive to overcome challenges of career change and how to continue their dream, spirit and passion at different enterprises to develop a successful future.

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