HKACEP's Ambassador Programme aims to promote positive attitude to the society by sports ambassadors' sharing of their perseverance athletic stories as a part of an ''Athlete’s Social Responsibility". Over 50 ambassador talks, attracting more than 8000 participants, have been conducted since 2009.

A new era began in 2015 where our Sports Ambassadors have extended their services from the community and school sector to the corporate setting. They have provided corporations with staff training; by transferring their athlete skills to the workplace; these skills include: “To Strive for Excellence”, “To be Persistence”, “Stress Management under pressure”, “To Dare to Dream” and “Concentration skills”. (Organisational Partners include: the MTR Corporate Limited., the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, the Hong Kong Housing Authority, the Jebsen & Co. Limited and so on.)

Sports Ambassadors’ will receive continuous training in public speaking skills as a part of “Life Skills Training” offered by the HKACEP to maintain and enhance ambassadors’ presentation abilities.

Target & Theme

We arrange ambassador talks to THREE major sectors: the community sectors, schools and corporations. Theme of talks include the following:

  • Community Sectors

    • Sport positively influences Life
    • Career for All
  • Schools

    • Love Life
    • Life and Career Planning
    • To Dare to Dream and To Dare to Pursue your Dream
    • Sport and Health
  • Corporations

    • Problem Solving under Challenging Situations
    • Postive Attitude towards Life Challenges
    • Enabling young people to apursue and achieve their dreams
    • Being proactive with an enterprising spirit to overcome challenges
    • To Embrace change with positive mindsets
    • Coaching for success
    • New source of talent - local retied athletes
    • Lifelong learning


A request of invitation for an Ambassador’s Talk can be made via email ( to the Office of the Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme (HKACEP Office) at least 2 months before the talk; please provide information of your organization, desired date, time, and venue; desired target audience and theme in the email.  The HKACEP Office reserves the right to accept or reject any request of invitation.

Past events

Ambassadors Sharing