Education consultancy, Education Talk, Scholarship Programmes and General English Courses are organised to enhance the academic qualifications of athletes. These opportunities of education advancement increases the competitiveness of an athlete entering the workforce.

Education Consultation

The HKACEP provides education consultancy for athletes relating to their interests and career development.

Education Talk

Education Talks are organised to provide the latest information of academic study pathways and sports and recreation related courses.

HKACEP Scholarship Programme

HKACEP provides Education Scholarship Programmes for retiring and retired athletes, in various areas of Language Enrichment, University and Post-Secondary Education, Vocational Skills Training and Academic Enhancement.

Integrated General English Course

EF Englishtown One Year Integrated General English Course

With an aim to enhance the English level of Hong Kong athletes’; Englishtown has sponsored over 10 million dollar worth of Integrated General English Courses to over 200 athletes through the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China since 2007.

Athletes Sharing