To provide designated support for athletes in their career transition, an initial consultation is typically held to help identify possible alternatives as their next goal after retirement. Athletes are then recommended to attend relevant seminars and workshops, in order to equip themselves for a new career orientation either in continuing studies or to enter the workforce.


Subsequent meetings are conducted with athletes and supporting organisations for any necessary reviews and/or professional guidance.

HKACEP Introductory Talk

HKACEP Introductory Talk provides introduction of the services provided by the HKACEP to athletes, including Athletes Consultation, Careers Support, Education Support and Life Skills Training. Through the discussions and activities organised in the induction, athletes gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the importance of career planning and development for their future.

Career Mapping

By gaining a more thorough understanding of themselves through the process of “Career Mapping”; athletes are able to seek for possible directions of personal and career developments and also opportunities of any possible career path for their future.

Athletes Sharing