Vision and Mission


The Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme (HKACEP) aims to deliver three core provisions for elite athletes in Hong Kong: Career, Education and Life Skills. These provisions are to support elite athletes to not only gain respect and self-confidence through programmes organised within these provisions, but also to be able to increase competitiveness in the global market as an influential youth leader.



  • To reduce apprehensions of athletes and to reassure them of their status and ability; so that they are able to focus on their trainings and competitions in order to increase their performances both consistently and effectively; especially under circumstances where both training and studying are allowed to be done simultaneously.
  • To support and equip each athlete with the best possible knowledge and environmental preparation for successful employment upon retirement.
  • To support and equip each athlete with both life skills and knowledge for their integration into the society.
  • To honour athletes for their achievements and dedication in representing Hong Kong, China.
  • To convey a message of support from the society to athletes.

HKACEP Committee

Chairman Dr. Herman S.M. HU, SBS, JP
Vice-Chairman Dr. Karl C. KWOK, BBS
Members Mr. Paul C.W. CHENG (ex-officio - representative of Home Affairs Bureau)
  Mr. PUI Kwan Kay, SBS
  Mr. Ronnie M.C. WONG, BBS, JP
  Mr. Edgar J.T. YANG, PDSM
  Ms. Amy L.C. CHAN, JP
  Mr. Kenny K.W. CHOW
  Mr. WONG Tsan
  Dr. Adam Y.K. LEE
  Mr. Tim Y.M. HE
  Mr. Cowen B. CHIU, MH
  Mr. Charles L.C. HO
  Mr. Nick H.F. CHAN, MH

Programme Coverage

Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme (HKACEP) provides designated support for athletes in their career transition, including Athletes Consultation, Careers Support, Education Support and Life Skills Training. 

Programme Details

    • Consultation
    • HKACEP Introductory Talk
    • Career Planning
    • Career Counselling
    • Career Talk
    • Job Matching
    • Internship Programme
    • Retired Athletes Transformation Programme (Organised by HKSARG HAB)
    • Jobs Hub
    • Education Consultation
    • Scholarship Programme
    • Integrated General English Course
    • Workshop
    • "Star to Shine" Mentorship Programme
    • Ambassador Programme

How to apply


Complete and submit the HKACEP Application Form and the National Sports Association Nomination Form to HKACEP Office. The forms can be collected at the Office or click here to download.

An individual interview may be arranged for verification, upon receipt of each application. Verified applications will then be submitted to HKACEP Committee for vetting purposes.


Application and Vetting Procedure

1.   Complete both the HKACEP Application Form and the *National Sports Association Nomination Form (Download)

2.    Fill in and return both forms to the HKACEP Office

3.    Vetting by the HKACEP Committee

4.    Result Notification